Georges St. Pierre vs Nick Diaz
The King.
Frankie Edgar makes out with Bendo’s foot.

MMA Legends: Anderson Silva and Georges St. Pierre

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Dan Severn vs Royce Gracie

The calm before the storm…

The Hunter Chronicles: Feeding the Homeless

My pitiful early attempt at a Let’s Play video!
Our “hero” Yizzer embarks on nekkid Night Elf adventuring through Alliance territory. On his quests he encounters Horde, 2Pac, bums, and more bums!
Watch as he partakes in such heroic activities as, cheering the slaughter of his comrades, ceaseless mockery of complete strangers, and berating the poor homeless citizens of Westfall. What a role model!
Ah, the joys wandering aimlessly…

I will crush you and throw you into the wind.


3NES Illustrations - by Ricardo Chucky / Blog

Part of the 3NES art show opening Friday, Sept. 6th 2013, at Bottleneck Gallery / Facebook.

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Attack on Titan Poster - by Jon Eastwood